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Logical Emotions

Woman contemplating.

I feel like Spock from Star Trek is a lot more like humans than we may think. We do experience emotions in a way that Spock could not, but it doesn’t mean that we understand them either. Emotions are powerful and confusing; but we can get a handle on them, without being void of emotion entirely like Spock. Read more…

Your Inner Voice is an A-Hole


Most of us have nearly constant internal chatter going through our brains. We also tend to identify with that chatter as being us, our voice, and in many cases, our guide. If we’re honest though, that voice is often at its strongest at night and it churns through bad memories, stressful things we’re facing, and […] Read more…

Perspective Is Your Reality


I needed to change my perspective. I needed to stop viewing the world with such bitterness, assuming people were “staring” at me or were judging me in some way. I came to realize I felt that way, because I was silently judging them.  Read more…

Happiness Is A Choice


Happiness is a choice but that doesn’t mean its easy. Once you accept the fact that the choice is yours, a world of tools opens up to you and sets you on the path of joy. Read more…

The Search For Happiness


So much has been written about happiness that it may seem there’s nothing new to say. The path is well known but we may need to hear the same things said in different ways before it will stick. Read more…